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(Ümber suunatud leheküljelt ITI0080)

ITX8301, ITX8302, and ITI0080 will take place at the same time.

MSc seminar, Spring semester 2015/2016

The seminar is for students who have regisetered to courses with codes ITX8301 and ITX8302.

The first meeting is on Wednesday, February 3, at 17:45-19:15 in room ICT-A2.

The goal of the MSc Seminar I is to work with the Problem Statement and background and related work of your MSc thesis topic. This involves reading papers and presenting the work to fellow students (2 presentations each). In the end you are also required to submit a written version of the background description and an initial problem statement.

The goal of the MSc Seminar II is to assist you in presenting your own results in the context of related work and your problem statement. You are required to make two presentations and submit one written report: one oral presentation on a topic related to your topic that you can freely pick (e.g. you want to go in depth with some related work, or want to give a detailed account of some approach or tool that you found useful, and the other one which will be the test run of your thesis defence. The written summary should outline the main results of your work. You are required to submit a draft in mid-April and a final version mid-May. The mark will be combined of your presentation and final version of the summary

If you register for ITI0080, then you need to choose one of the above options.

All students will have to give oral presentations during the meetings starting from March. Some useful guidelines for how to present your work can be found here. It will be necessary to be present in at least 80% of the student presentation sessions.


  • April 15: Submission of the draft of the written contribution.
  • May 15: Final submission deadline of the written contribution.


   February 3: Introduction, working with computer science literature
   February 10: Preparing structured documents (in Latex)
   February 17 - March 2: No seminar
   March 9: Giving a talk 
   March 16: Writing 1 [1]
   March 23: Writing 2 [2]
   March 30: Discussion on problem statements
   April 6: No seminar (time to prepare your written contribution)
   April 13: Tõnn Talpsepp, Erko Risthein, Madis Taimre
   April 20: Viktor Reinok, Madis Allikmaa, Prashanth Parthiban
   April 27: Triin Samuel, Rait Raidma, Tõnn Talvik
   May 4: Tõnn Talpsepp, Erko Risthein, Madis Taimre
   May 11:  Viktor Reinok, Tõnn Talvik, Prashanth Parthiban
   May 18: Rait Raidma, Madis Allikmaa, Triin Samuel