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Course code: ITI8610

Lecturer: prof. Jüri Vain
Contact: juri.vain ätt, ICT-418
Co-lecturer: Leonidas Tsiopoulos
Co-lecturer: Aleksandr Lenin


Time and place

Lectures: Wednesdays 10:00, ICT-315
Labs: Wednesdays 12.00

  • Lab supervisors:
    • Aleksandr Lenin (aleksandr.lenin ätt - Module I
    • Jüri Vain (juri.vain ätt, Leonidas Tsiopoulos (letsio ätt - Module II

News 2018

Deadline for submitting lab assignments of Module II -- TBA

Lecture plan

  • Lecture 1: Introduction to software assurance

Module I: Assurance processes, risk management & security assurance====

Lecture 1: Security Risk Management
Lecture 2: Security Risk Management (contd.)
Lecture 3: Security Best Practices
Lecture 4: Input Validation
Lecture 5. Web Application Security. Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Module II: : Assured Software Analytics

Practice Assignments

Module I: Security Assurance

Assignment 1: Risk Analysis using the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Security Risk) framework
Assignment 2: Vulnerability Identification in Code using Static Analysis Tools
Assignment 3: Architectural Risk Analysis
Assignment 4: Web Application Exploitation

Module II

NB! To report completed lab assignments go to web page

and register as user with uniID of TUT


Each of the two modules is graded independently on the scale 0-100 points. A student must receive a positive grade in every module. Therefore, a student may obtain max 200 points for the entire course. 51%, or 101 points is the absolute minimum required to pass the course. The standard TalTech grading rules are applied to calculate the student's final grade.

Resources -- õppekeskkonas olevad materjalid
Gary McGraw "Software Security. Building Security In"