MSc seminar I 2019 Spring

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(Ümber suunatud leheküljelt ITX8301)


ITX8301 Magistriseminar I / MSc Seminar I


  • Jüri Vain

Spring 2019: Monday 14:00 in room ICT-637 (NEW ROOM!!!)

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  • Seminar 1: Reference structure: What parts the MSc thesis consist of?
  • Seminar 2: Discussion on how to select thesis topic?
    • Students present their preliminary choice of topics and motivate their choice.
    • Discussion provides feedback on the feasibility of the choice, outlines possible risks and recommendations on the thesis preparation roadmap
  • Seminar 3: Thesis references: How to perform search and evaluate sources I
  • How to perform search and evaluate sources II.
  • Thesis topic presentations and meeting with potential supervisors HW: Read Error and Attack Tolerance. To be discussed in 2 weeks time.
  • How to set up research case studies based on former successful students
  • How to prototype the MSc thesis outline. Analysis of the paper given in last seminar. Related reading: [1]
  • What constitutes a good problem statement for MSc thesis?
  • Individual research period. No scheduled seminar, but students are welcome to contact the seminar staff in case they want to discuss their topic.

Student presentations

April - May

The discussion forum and problem statement upload is available at

Problem Statement

Thesis topics

List of thesis topics for defence in Spring 2019

Methods for research

Selecting the Research Method