Public Lecture Gluschke 2013

Allikas: Kursused

Mr Guido Gluschke from Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is going to give a public guest lecture on cyber security at nuclear facilities on Tuesday 1st of October at 1400-1530 in room I-202. This is the second in a series of cyber security themed guest lectures planned for this fall and affiliated with the European Cyber Security Month initiative.

The talk is sponsored by the IT Academy.

You can read the full abstract and the speaker bio below.

Hope to see you there,

Rain Ottis

Abstract: A presentation on cyber security and some of its principles by reference to critical information infrastructure protection in the nuclear industry. The presentation will explain the types of IT used at nuclear facilities including their relevance for a proper operation of a nuclear plant and corresponding threats. Also the difference between IT security and I&C security will be emphasized and various security concepts will be discussed.

Preparatory Reading: INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, Computer Security at Nuclear Facilities, IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 17, IAEA, Vienna (2012).[Downloadable from the IAEA website]

Guido Gluschke holds a Masters of Sciences Degree in Security Management from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences and a Diploma in Computer Science from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. His main areas of expertise are IT and cyber security, especially in the energy and nuclear context. He is one of the directors of the Institute for Security and Safety (ISS) of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Here, he is lecturer in the field of ICS and cyber security. As program manager “Nuclear Security” at the Brandenburg University, he is responsible for all joint IAEA projects such as the EU Master in Nuclear Security and the IAEA IT/Cyber Security Professional Development Course.