Public Lecture Maennel 2013 Spring

Allikas: Kursused

On 25 March dr Olaf Maennel ( will give a guest lecture at Tallinn University of Technology from 1730 to 2030. The lecture will take place at Ehitajate tee 5 (TUT main building), room II-102.

Topic: Attacks against the Border Gateway Protocol

Abstract: The lecture will cover attacks on the inter-domain routing protocol BGP. The Border Gateway Protocol, BGP, is the de-facto standard inter-domain routing protocol. However, when BGP has been designed it was built with an implicit trust assumption in mind and not secure at all. For more than 10 years now, researchers, vendors, operators, and even politicians have tried to find a workable solution to secure routing in the Internet. Recently, there has been some traction in the Secure Inter-Domain Routing (SIDR) Working Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). There is realistic hope that soon a Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), origin validation and BGPsec will be deployed.

The lecture will go through the IETF standard proposals, that are soon intended to secure the Internet. Further, we will highlight current research that demonstrate that even if all those proposals would be in place, there are still a magnitude of attacks possible on the routing system. We will also discuss how to perform them.

Prerequisites: It is expected that the audience has prior knowledge of routing in the Internet, in particular with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and policy based routing.